August 4, 2009

Leisure Revolution: Lost Parties

What if you combined the fun of partying with your friends with the entertainment value of watching excellent prime time television? Leisure enthusiasts across the globe have been pioneering just that! In the last few years, the popularity of Lost viewing parties have grown from a few geeks in a dorm room to full fledged Wednesday night galas. There are even numerous websites dedicated to suggesting tips on hosting your Lost themed parties with Lost menus, Lost decorations, and Lost activities. No other TV show has become an event series quite like Lost.

But why, you might ask, would I bring this up in the middle of summer? Lost does not even return until January! Well, my friends, I just had the honor and privilege of attending my first Lost Luau. It was an all day event at a beach side campsite filled with Lost-themed activities and general adoration of this ABC drama complete with a roast pig, Lost costumes, a Lost music compilation contest, Dharma side dish competition, and a Lost volleyball tournament between The Others and the Dharma Initiative (designated by custom team t-shirt uniforms). The invitation was even in the style of a viral Lost parody video! The extensive planning and theming would impress even the most ignorant to Lost mythology. Despite the fact that there was no actual Lost episode viewing, I am confident that this was one of the finest Lost parties ever thrown. I cannot thank my host enough for all the work put into this amazing event, from the Lost-cake to the customized Lost t-shirts and dog tag party favors.

And for that I would like to recognize Bryan Stovold, Luau King, for his inventive contributions to leisure culture as a true Leisure Visionary.

But with the Lost series finale only a season away, will the Lost party phenomenon continue as fans re-watch the DVDs or will they move on to a new show? Will we be seeing Fringe or perhaps True Blood gatherings? Or will Lost be the beginning and the end of TV show themed parties? For me the idea of a Lost Luau won’t be getting old any time soon, so keep them coming Bryan, and thanks again! I look forward to sampling a Jin-and-tonic next time.

Leisure On!

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