March 12, 2010

Idol Follow-Follow-Up: America Jumps the Shark

It's official guys, thanks to your votes, American Idol has officially jumped the shark! Katelyn, Lily, and Alex, worthy competitors and talented musicians, did not make it into the top 12 (and Todrick too). All while Paige, Tim, and Lacey continue on....I guess really does have an influence. Katelyn and Alex really didn't have a chance of winning, but they were good musicians as opposed to half of the contestants moving on. Lily was one of the most creative and original talents Idol had seen, but I guess America doesn't value originality, talent, and musicianship. Or maybe they all thought she was for sure safe and gave their votes to less deserving favorites that looked like they could go. In a final lineup filled with singer/songwriter girls, I guess there just wasn't enough room for all of them, it just should have been Lacey to go, not Lilly. With the votes getting divided up among the singer/songwriter types, the door is left disturbingly wide open for Katie, Paige, Aaron, and Tim to go a long way. I suddenly have a sinking feeling in my stomach that Tim Urban could actually win this thing with his Disney Channel looks. When the only demographic of voters for Idol are girls 9-12 the show is officially over, and if Tim wins that will be the case. I just don't know about this show least we still have Crystal and Siobhan making things interesting. Let's try to keep them in the race, please!

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