August 18, 2011

LeisureTech: NetGen Disney Everything Wristbands

It has been a frustrating time to be a Disney Parks fan with so much construction going on at the parks and the promise of next generation technology just out of reach, but one super exciting bit of tech that DizFanatic has just reported on are RFID wristbands. Apparently, Disney is in the early stages of testing these colorful accessories, but once these babies get put in to action, we will have a whole new way of experiencing theme parks. The possibilities of the RFID wristbands are endless: it will serve as your ticket, your hotel room key, enhanced Fastpass, enhanced Photopass, meal plan, credit card, interact with things in the park, and even offer personalized theme park experiences based on your profile. See pictures and read all about the possibilities here. Despite some Big Brother-esque undertones, I cannot wait! Disney's technological innovations are one of the main things that keep me coming back year after year, and I'm looking forward to when Mickey customizes my visit to my stats! We can hopefully look forward to new information about this tech released tomorrow at the Disny Parks panel at the D23 Disney Expo.

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